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'Nightmares' now on-air

Check out the innovative new promo made for the Horror Channel!

Budgets. It's incredible how many creatives either engage or simply switch off simply down to whether there's a budget or not. It's as though there's a price or a monetary threshold to 'do things properly'. Well, how many movies can you name with enormous budgets that were total disasters both commercially and creatively? It's never the right attitude.

'Nightmares' was a project made for the joy and need of making a project. The budget was £0. Zero.
Myself, Manouk and Andy had a camera, a stabiliser... a decent concept and the desire to make something special. Just three people. Eleven freezing cold nights and weeks of post production around other projects and we finally made something new.

The intention was simple. The Horror Channel is a dedicated channel to all things horror and seen as curators of horror genre content. But for me, I wanted to prove to our audience that we also have the skills to make our own horror content.

The result? Well, when released on the Horror Channel Facebook page, our movie loving viewers actually thought it was the trailer for a new movie or series and wanted to know what it was!!

I'll take that as a massive compliment and merrily be on my way!

You can watch it in my MOTION section or in the gallery below.

Project Gallery

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