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'Black Sun' is coming soon

My first solo made 3D animated short film is nearing completion.
Find out more about the story and see some first images!

A bit of context and background...
On 8th October 2017, a switch inside my creative brain was flicked. I'd just walked out of an early morning viewing of 'Bladerunner 2049' and felt completely stunned. Not just because of the gorgeous work by Villeneuve and Deakins but rather I realised that I had never created anything of my own that was science fiction; a genre I had loved and cherished since I was a small boy.

'Black Sun' is a labour of love, a massive undertaking and crucially, a desire to approach 3D not as a technical exercise, but as a filmmaking tool in the absence of any budget. I wanted to visualise a world as a cinematographer using a purely digital lens. I wanted to replace complicated 3D workflows and pipelines with a far simpler approach; build my sets, light them, add atmosphere, move my objects and then choreograph my camera to tell the story all in the frame, as if shooting on a real set.

The story...
The year is 2574. A derelict outpost on the fringes of civilisation listens for a signal. It has been listening for decades, hoping for any sign of hope from a lost mission launched hundreds of years before. The ESA-887 Pioneer mission was mankinds first and only hope of survival beyond a breaking Earth, tasked with charting a course for our salvation as a species. All communication was lost and the mission was deemed a failure bringing civilisation to it's knees in desperation.
A signal is received.

The concept...
'Black Sun' is a teaser for a feature/series script concept. More to come on this in time.

The making of...
I hope to produce some making of videos soon.

Brief technical info...
'Black Sun' is being produced in Cinema4D, Redshift renderer and Davinci Resolve.
The soundtrack and sound design being produced in Logic Pro.

More info will come in time.

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